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The Ice Pirates

The Ice Pirates

A classic of 80's scifi weirdness: The film takes place in a distant future where water is so scarce and rationed that it is considered an immensely valuable substance, both as a commodity and as a currency in ice cubes. The Templars of Mithra control the water and...

JPT Scare Band

JPT Scare Band

Good old article about a great band: It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard — or, for that matter, in front of an amplifier — and lament what could have been. “Oh man, if only the world had taken notice of this or that band, everything would be different.” Well no shit....

Television and other monstrosities

We live in a golden age of genre fiction. We are also living in the Golden Age of TV. Yet for some reason, fantasy and the visual medium are very hard to put together in a way that isn't cringe-inducing, eye rolling or just ridiculous. Budgets matter, of course,...

The Severely Delayed Post-Weekend Fantasy links

Apologies for the very long delay between posts. I was dealing various personal and professional issues which I have no intention of sharing. And now for your delectation, some tasty links... This AWESOME THING must happen!...

Weekend Linkage…Fan Film Edition

Wheel of Time pilot that is better left forgotten... Fall Fantasy and Scifi Shows Resources for the...

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