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The Severely Delayed Post-Weekend Fantasy links

Apologies for the very long delay between posts. I was dealing various personal and professional issues which I have no intention of sharing. And now for your delectation, some tasty links... This AWESOME THING must happen!...

Weekend Linkage…Fan Film Edition

Wheel of Time pilot that is better left forgotten... Fall Fantasy and Scifi Shows Resources for the...

An Update

An Update Six years ago, I began work on a massive epic novel set in a fantasy world based (loosely) on the Greek-Persian wars of antiquity, with a whole lot other elements thrown in for good measure. (as a side note, so much of fantasy world building consists of...

Friday Linkage – Odd ‘n Ends edition

Why the Hugo Awards are irrelevant YA Fiction: the hidden menace? Forgotten Classics...



The physical body of Zackery Arbela lives somewhere in the wilds of New England. The mind of Zackery Arbela can be found wandering the various planes and adornments of the temporal spheres, from whence he sometimes returns with new and fantasickal tales to tell.