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Going forward, Part 88888

Going forward, Part 88888

Thanks to all who downloaded LORD OF THE CROOKSIDE over the last few days. For those who haven’t the book is now available, so click the link below and help an up and comer buy his next cup of Starbucks.  As for the future, the book will be released on Amazon June...

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Cornershop – Lessons Learned from Rocky I to Rocky III

Cornershop – Lessons Learned from Rocky I to Rocky III

Lessons learned from Rocky I to Rocky IIISheepskin shoes tend to ruin industryLesson 2. Cop the grooveLesson 3. is to ignore 4.Round 5. going into 6.7. we're cooking with Amitabh Bachan8. it's a real heavy weight9. we're rocking New York time10.x10. It's like St. John...

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A Final Excerpt from LORD OF THE CROOKSIDE – now available on

Lord of the Crookside – Now Available on

Lord of the Crookside - Now Available on Zackerium.comGaebrel Haarn faces his dangerous adversary to date – his own family! Leaving behind the troubles of their past, Gaebrel and his comrades set a course across the Boundless Empyrean. Yet fate has a way of breaking...

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The physical body of Zackery Arbela lives somewhere in the wilds of New York City. The mind of Zackery Arbela can be found wandering the various planes and adornments of the temporal spheres, from whence he sometimes returns with new and fantasickal tales to tell.