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Missing in Action

Missing in Action

Hi there, So, it's been a while. No posts, no new books, no nothing. I have been out of touch, incommunicado, for reasons about to be explained The last year and a half has been among the most difficult periods in my life. To begin with, and to be honest, I just...



The animated science fantasy series Blackstar graced the screens in 1981. It was produced by Filmation, a studio that had previously worked on another fantasy epic called The Freedom Force. Norm Prescott and Lou Scheimer were at the helm of its production. The series...

The physical body of Zackery Arbela lives somewhere in the wilds of New York City. The mind of Zackery Arbela can be found wandering the various planes and adornments of the temporal spheres, from whence he sometimes returns with new and fantasickal tales to tell.