Going forward, Part 88888

Jun 18, 2021 | The Nine Suns

Thanks to all who downloaded LORD OF THE CROOKSIDE over the last few days. For those who haven’t the book is now available, so click the link below and help an up and comer buy his next cup of Starbucks. 

As for the future, the book will be released on Amazon June 30th for Kindle and Paperback, and on Barnes and Noble, Apple Books etc a week or two after that, depending on quickly the links become available. So keep an eye on your inbox for future updates.

After this, two more books are on deck to complete this sequence of the Nine Suns (as soon as I get them done, they go out.) After that…well, not sure. There are several ideas I am juggling, but as the old saying goes, never show your hand too early…

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