Fires of Mastery

Book Three of the Tale of Azaran


To uncover the secrets of his past, Azaran must fall into the hands of his enemies!

Azaran travels to the great city of Kedaj, where the answers to his past await…along with a trap set by his enemies. But to learn the truth of his origins, he will walk into it willingly, for no one has defeated him yet.

But Kedaj will test his strength and will to their limits, for it is a city like no other, ancient and wicked. And though his body is strong, his mind falls under the thrall of a seductive enchantress, intent on using him for her own intrigues. Azaran must fight for his memories…and his sanity. And in the fires of the dying city, he will learn who he is…and the price those answers have cost.

Fires of Mastery is the third book of The Tale of Azaran fantasy series. If you like sword and sorcery action and adventure in the vein of Conan the Barbarian, set in a fantastical universe of magic, mayhem and heroism, then you will love Zackery Arbela’s latest series.

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What readers are saying about The Tale of Azaran:
★★★★★ ‘Excellent. Couldn't put it down...different than most fantasy with a really good story line’

★★★★★ ‘Such detail, and excitement!’

★★★★★ ‘Well written with an interesting plot and characters. .’

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