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The Thief of Galadorn!

It was supposed to be an easy job. Steal a magical amulet and receive a bag of gold. For Fenn Aquila, a thief with debts to pay, it’s an offer he can’t refuse. But nothing is that simple in Galadorn…

Hunted and betrayed, Fenn must use all his cunning to foil a plot to bring down the Prince of the city…and save his own skin along the way.

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Arbela crafts a gritty urban romp that feels like Roman Polanski was directing a story out of Robert Lynn Asprin’s Thieves’ World. After a couple background chapters of heists gone fatally wrong, the story settles around its titular protagonist Fenn Aquila and his poor-but-proud social circle of barflies, street gangs, prostitutes and corrupt city guards…Arbela manages to keep the tension growing with a mix of violence, narrow escapes, colorful dialogue and a fair amount of inner wrestling with the hero’s own moral code. At times the book reads more like a 1970s detective drama or blaxploitation adventure than something out of the fantasy genre. Looking forward to further tales around this character and his shady, low-magic world.
–Matthew S., Amazon Review

The Legend of Fenn Aquila continues in Red Shadows!

A hidden menace stalks the streets of Galadorn…and Fenn Aquila stands in its way!

What should have been a routine heist turns into something far more complex, as Fenn finds himself the guardian of a lost girl, smuggled into the city for dark purposes. Now he finds himself hunted by the most gang in the city and drawn into shadowy intrigues that stretch from the gutters of Galadorn to the highest levels of power.

To protect the girl – and save his own skin – Fenn will do battle in the back alleys and across the rooftops. And in a final bloody moment, he will face a decision from which there is no going back…