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It was supposed to be an easy job. Steal a magical amulet and receive a bag of gold. For Fenn Aquila, a thief with debts to pay, it’s an offer he can’t refuse.

But nothing is that simple in Galadorn, where gangs battle one another for control of the back alleys while aristocrats plot furious intrigues. Where a man’s life is reckoned by the coin in his purse and the blade in his hand. Fenn finds himself on the run with a price on his head, caught between a growing number of angry men who want him dead…and an enigmatic courtesan who wants him for her own mysterious reasons.

Bodies pile up in Galadorn’s streets. Hunted and betrayed, Fenn must use all his wits and cunning to discover the secret of the Eyes of the Winter Horse, foil a plot to bring down the Prince of the city…and save his own skin along the way.

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