Interesting fantastickal treasures and jewels from across the Interweb’s:

MAR Barker’s classic game (might write an article about it some day…)
“Based on Tékumel, and a classic in roleplaying game history. “
The end of Warhammer Fantasy and another nail in the coffin of my youth

“This original roleplaying game based on Tékumel, and a classic in roleplaying game history.”

The return of Blue Rose – “When the first edition of Blue Rose was published 10 years ago, it found a core audience of gamers that loved its unique take on romantic fantasy—and a few who pushed back against the game’s progressive push for inclusiveness. Now Blue Rose is back, and it’s found a better system and a wider audience.”

The Jewish Review of Books on Fantasy

And a humorous counterpoint from the Tablet

Guy Gavriel Kay on the Silmarillion – Thirty years ago, the first in Kay’s bestselling Fionovar Tapestry fantasy trilogy was published – but before that, a stint helping Christopher Tolkien assemble The Silmarillion showed him the ‘drudgery and mistakes’ that lie behind every great work

And the forgotten story of the American Rock Underground: