Donarec the Swordsman

Book One of the Tale of Donarec


Donarec is a man fleeing from his past. Once a hero, the confidant of kings, he is an exile in a land ruined by civil war, where the strong prey upon the weak.

Destiny catches up with him in the crossroads town of Saathi’s Hold. Seeking only a night’s rest and the chance to earn some much-needed coin, Donarec finds himself caught between two brutal gangs warring for control of the town. He is drawn towards a beautiful and mysterious woman held captive by one of the gang leaders, even as his past catches up to him and new enemies close in for the kill.

Bodies fall as Donarec is forced to fight for his life and the freedom of others. For in this hard land, justice only comes at the edge of a sword…

Donarec the Swordsman is the first book of the Tale of Donarec fantasy series. If you like fast-paced sword and sorcery adventure set in a dangerous world filled with reckless deeds and larger-than-life heroes,, then you will love Zackery Arbela’s page-turning series.

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