Donarec and the Warlord

Book Two of the Tale of Donarec


As one age ends and another begins, Donarec confronts the last warrior from a time of legends…

Beremi. Greatest city of Raxenora. And a place ready to tear itself apart…for its ruling Warlord is near death, and the vultures are already gathering.

Into this growing crisis arrives Donarec and his companions Jaag and Tudai, seeking a new start in life and instead embroiling themselves in intrigues whose roots reach deep into the past. Donarec is summoned to the presence of the Warlord, a mighty warrior, last of an extraordinary people now weary from centuries of rule. He seeks an honorable end – death in combat…and demands that Donarec holds the sword that kills him.

Jaag and Tudai must navigate through the schemes of Beremi’s aristocrats, grown desperate by their desire for power, while Donarec faces off against a legendary warrior whose abilities are superhuman. And as they fight, a forgotten history will be revealed, of a race of warriors left behind on a strange world, and the price they paid to become masters…

Donarec the Swordsman is the second book of the Tale of Donarec fantasy series. If you like fast-paced sword and sorcery adventure set in a dangerous world filled with reckless deeds and larger-than-life heroes,, then you will love Zackery Arbela’s page-turning series.

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