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Myre (The Secular Wizardry Saga Book 1)- by Bruce D. Clayton

A different take on how a wizard would work within the rules of the real (for lack of a better term) world.

Myre (The Secular Wizardry Saga Book 1)Decades ago, the traveled scholar, Sir Thomas Morton, was falsely accused of necromancy and blood magic by jealous family members. On the eve of his execution, he vanished from his cell before the very eyes of a young soldier.

Twenty years later, that soldier finds himself the sole defender of the throne of Gyrland as foul conspirators attempt to extinguish the royal line. Beset on all sides with no one to trust, he travels forgotten roads to enlist the aid of the elusive wizard Mizar, who lives on a mysterious island known as The Myre.

MYRE follows Mizar and his friends as they fight back against the conspiracy with the tools of cunning, craft, and natural science in ways that seem supernatural to eyewitnesses — until they see how it was really done! Seen through a quasi-historical lens, one could imagine a universe where many of our magical European myths (Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Pied Piper, Beowulf) are simply second-hand tales of Mizar’s legendary exploits.

For fans of medieval adventure, those of an independent and self-reliant mindset, and scientists who also love The Lord of the Rings, THE SECULAR WIZARDRY SAGA is an epic adventure grounded in natural science and practical thinking, where the heroes confront the villains with knowledge, ingenuity, creativity, and skill — but not with magic.