Fantasy is on something of a hot streak theses days, what with the success of GAME OF THRONES and the dominance of urban fantasy/paranormal romance. A Song Of Ice And Fire has been called Lord of the Rings for our generation, and while I don’t think ANYTHING can topple the mighty JRR from his mithril throne, GRRM does give the Old Master a good run for his money.

But what about the other series and sagas, the ones that set the blood racing and imagination aflame…yet for one reason or another never really caght up with the genre fanbase, let alone the reading public at large. What are your candidates for the most underrated fantasy series?

I would start with three forgotten serial masterpieces: Barry Hugharts MASTER LI series (featuring a drunken sage-detective in a China That Never Was) Michael Scott Rohan’s THE WINTER OF THE WORLD (Finnish Mythology Meets Prehistoric Ice Age) and just for the heck of it John Norman’s GOR series (purely to stir the pot… Grin)

Course that’s my list..any one else care to venture an opinion?