Lord of the Crookside – Now available on Amazon

Jun 30, 2021 | ebooks, fantasy, The Nine Suns

Lord of the Crookside is now available as an ebook on Amazon.com.

Gaebrel Haarn faces his dangerous adversary to date – his own family!

Leaving behind the troubles of their past, Gaebrel and his comrades set a course across the Boundless Empyrean. Yet fate has a way of breaking all plans…a terrible storm and attacks by peradin reavers drive them into the chaotic Harza States, a chaotic region beyond the bounds of any Sun. In need of a place to repair and wait out contrary winds, they take shelter on Stozenvaal, Gaebrel’s ancient homeland, and a place he never thought to see again.

Yet the homecoming is not what Gaebrel expects. When he left, Stozenvaal was a barren, windswept rock, a haunt for pirates and worse. He returns to find it a wealthy and powerful free port, ruled by the Lord Protector…once known as Ifrick Haarn, the father who abandoned Gaebrel on a distant world years ago.

Also waiting for him and his comrades are brothers and cousins, who do not welcome the return of Stozenvaals wayward son. They see him as a threat to their own power and position, and in the truest tradition of the Haarn family seek to backstab him at the first opportunity…and to overthrow the Lord Protector in the bargain

Schemes of betrayal and intrigue roil Stozenvaal, and it takes all of Gaebrel’s wits and daring to escape the ambitions of his own kin. And in the process he and his comrades discover an ancient secret within the heart of the city, the key to a lost treasure that could bring unimaginable wealth and power…or swift and certain death.

LORD OF THE CROOKSIDE is the seventh book of the Nine Suns series. If you like fast-paced sword and sorcery adventure, set in a wild fantasy universe filled with intrigue, reckless heroism and dark supernatural forces, then you will love Zackery Arbela’s page-turning series. Buy it now!