My first novel is now available for the Kindle! GAEBREL’S GAMBLE, the first book of the Nine Suns!

“Nine Suns there are, nine watchers, nine masters. The worlds their children. The races their seed, the soul the shards of their intellect, the Empyrean the workshop of their divine labors. Who among us has the wisdom to hear their voices, to know their words written?”

Gaebrel Harrn is a thief. A smuggler. A wanderer. Abandoned by his father, he survives by his wits. Always a step ahead of his enemies, winning the day with his charm, his words…and when all else fails the sharp edge of his blade. Knocked down by fate, he rises again, swifter and stronger.

Together with his companions he will face off against a bloodthirsty pirate queen and her marauding fleet, steal a mighty treasure from under the noses of its magic-wielding owners, face death and betrayal as they sail into battle against Ulzarad the Neverborn, a soul-devouring monster in search of the perfect prey.

Fleets gather in the Empyrean, carried between worlds by the Celestial Winds, shaping the fate of nations with blood and cannon fire. Arcanist’s call upon the ineffable mysteries of the Aethyr in their search for power while spies plot in the shadows. Join Gaebrel and his companions as they embark on the greatest adventure the Nine Sun’s have ever known!

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