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The Nine Suns. Where empires rise and fall in a storm of gunpowder, swords and sorcery. Where fortune awaits those with courage to seize it. It is an age of adventure…and an easy place to die.

Gaebrel is a wandering rogue always one step ahead of death, living by his wits and the edge of his blade. Taken prisoner by a cruel pirate queen, he bargains for his freedom by promising to steal a mighty treasure. With a motley crew of desperate men, he sets sail on the boundless Empyrean, sword in hand and betrayal all around.

Sword in one hand, pistol in the other, and a smile on his face…Gaebrel faces his greatest gamble. He will turn the tables on his captors and steal the Sparrow, the fastest ship in the universe. He will face betrayal, and charge headlong onto the killing fields of a war torn world, risking his immortal soul to save the life of a comrade. A desperate gamble, GAEBREL’S GAMBLE…and the winner takes all.

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A thrilling tale of mayhem and adventure awaits!

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