Cracked.com…distilling pure wisdom in gleefully obscene nuggets. Anyone looking for a reason why the state of American movie-making resembling nothing more that a reincarnated landfill in 3D could do worse than to consider this perceptive bit of insight:

If you’re reading this, then those movies weren’t made with you in mind. They were made for the international box office (Transformers 2 made $400 million overseas, for instance). Now, before you even have a chance to think it, we are not saying foreign audiences are stupid. The movies made in their home countries, for them, are no doubt just as deep and thoughtful as any Best Picture winner.
What we’re saying is that to make a movie that appeals equally to American, Japanese, Korean, German and Mexican teenagers, you need to simplify that shit down to things they all understand equally. Anything dealing with, say, the subtle trials and hardships of everyday life in the American Midwest is going to be totally lost on someone from the other side of the planet.

But there is one thing that everyone in the world can understand and sympathize with, no matter what their culture or ethnicity: The need to run away if you are being chased by giant robots.

In other words, the worldwide infotainment complex conspiracy has succeeding in blanding everything to the lowest of the lowest common denominators…turning what was once a veritable buffet of delights into the international cultural equivalent of a McDonalds Happy Meal…

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