This year looks to be a good one so far as fantasy is concerned. Two new series coming to premium cable. Over the weekend, Starz previewed Camelot, showing the first episode. I sit down with full wine glass in hand waiting to enjoy. When it’s over, my reaction is best summed as “what the heck was that?”

Production values..low. Conspicuous overacting…check. Miscast lead as Arthur…unfortunately yes. Inappropriate dialogue out of place in the setting…yup. Eva Green vamping her part to the point where it stops being funny…you betcha!

Basically it’s legend of the seeker…with female nudity. And it takes itself waaaaaaay to seriously for something so campy, unlike Spartacus: Blood and Sand, which never pretended to be anything other than a glorified grindhouse flick spread out across twelve episodes…

How long until Game of Thrones?