An Update

Six years ago, I began work on a massive epic novel set in a fantasy world based (loosely) on the Greek-Persian wars of antiquity, with a whole lot other elements thrown in for good measure. (as a side note, so much of fantasy world building consists of accidental plundering of real-world history, picking the best from Column A and Column B. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much…)

A year later and 175,000 words in, I put it aside out of exhaustion and the saddening realization that no one would publish a monster behemoth of a novel of that sort, no matter how brilliant or blood-stirring. At the point I was perhaps two-thirds of the way through. I put it aside with some regret, with the intention of perhaps coming back to it one day.

Well, that time has come. I hate leaving things undone and have decided to grapple with this beast yet again. The publishing world has changed since then – self-publishing has gone from being a path of vanity to a viable and effective way to get ones work out to the world. I haven’t come up with a title yet, but hopefully one will suggest itself as time goes on.

So watch your inbox in anticipation! I’ll have an excerpt from the first chapter to you soon.

Meanwhile in other news…I’ve finished the first draft of the third and latest book in the Nine Suns series, tentatively titled Ygulian Steel (still a work in progress…) I hope to have that available for download sometime in November. If you haven’t yet joined this particular adventure, download Gaebrel’s Gamble and Storm Over Olysi at once! What are you waiting for?